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Fusing anything with everything, they have forged a singular pathway for themselves ever since their ground-breaking debut album Crude literally took traditional influences by the scruff of the neck way back when, and catapulted them into a whole new realm of cool respectability.

But the thing with Bongshang is that you should always expect the unexpected. Their second, equally ground-breaking, album Hurricane Jungle took them further down the electronica and experimental road (although actually putting a handle on it proved impossible) before their highly acclaimed third album Vy-lo-fone more or less merged the two styles to even greater effect.

Equally, their rare live shows are not to be missed and here again anything, indeed everything, might happen - that in a nutshell is the beauty of Bongshang. Having played a number of national and international festivals, including a support slot with the great Rory Gallagher in France, theirs is a name that endures, however rare their album output and live appearances may be.

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