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The Jennifer McCormick Trio

The Jennifer McCormick Trio

Jennifer McCormick lives and works as a teacher on the beautiful island of Unst in Shetland but spent most of her life in Glasgow. Growing up, she was exposed to an eclectic mix of music and now she loves to experiment with different musical styles.

After having trained as a classical singer for many years, she decided to change the focus of her singing to jazz. Before moving to Unst she worked as a jazz singer in a variety of bars and restaurants around Scotland, where she delighted her listeners with her own interpretations of the music she loves.

Jennifer says that her favourite place to sing is in Unst, where often she joins many local musicians in concerts and jam sessions performing to an ever-appreciative local crowd. Although an accomplished singer, Jennifer still considers herself a student of music and loves to listen to and learn from more experienced musicians including her friends and band mates Alice Mullay and Jonathan Ritch.

The Jennifer McCormick Trio are three musicians living in Shetland that draw on their love of music and their individual musical styles and influences to complement each other beautifully on piano, guitar and voice. 

In recent performances the trio has expanded to include Angela Fraser (vocals & fiddle) and Freda Leask (vocals).

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